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Internal branding fuels sales
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Internal branding fuels sale

Audi Importers Trophy

For the Audi Importers Trophy, a competition for Audi importers from around the world, the Wächter & Wächter advertising agency, Dialog & Interactive and Wächter & Wächter Event developed an integrated concept. Year-long ongoing projects motivated importers to increase sales. The first project targeted the soon-to-be-discontinued A6 model. Over a specially developed Internet site, sales partners and importers were sent high-quality monthly mailings and updated status reports designed to pique their curiosity. The fantastic sales figures show how competitively the few winning spots were fought for. The first time revolved around the start of the Mille Miglia, the classic vintage car race. In the numerous trophies that followed, participation was always sought in exceptional events with athletic challenges in all countries of the world.

The effort was worth it for all parties:

  • Winners had unforgettable experiences
  • Customers reached sales figures that were far over plan
  • The agency acquired a series of follow-up orders over several years and impressive proof that well thought-out and integrated promotions, even with top customers in well-to-do circles, never lose their impact.


At Bayer CropScience, a sales challenge attracted sales staff from 80 countries with unique experiences that show their effects in any culture, namely, to motivate the global sales teams to unimagined efforts and performance. Success regularly exceeds expectations. Even with the first challenge, which revolved around the sale of a product that seemed to be at the end of its lifecycle, all sides benefited:

  • The winner got tickets for the fencing team at the Olympic Games
  • The company had such successful sales that a production site had to be re-opened
  • The agency received a follow-up order with even more challenging objectives: to establish market leadership for a product within five years. Here, too, our simple messages and exceptional, precisely planned activities – desert tours, Barrier Reef diving expeditions or goose bumps from jetting over the South African Garden Route as a jet co-pilot – ensured long-lasting success. After five years, it was "mission accomplished" – and continued work on additional products.
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