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Global success – fast, smart, and with a smile
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Internationally successful with a smile

Product launch under time pressure

Until 2011, a beautiful smile was expensive and took great effort if mother nature had not already provided it. The new product COMPONEER™ was designed to revolutionize the market – but Wächter & Wächter Worldwide Partners first had to establish it successfully on the market. And under time pressure. At the time of launch, COLTENE was the first company with such a product in its portfolio, but the competition was already in the starting blocks.

Revolutionary new product needed strong communication

Thanks to the new pre-fab COMPONEER™ inserts from COLTENE, the Swiss dental specialists, dentists can finally handle uncomplicated aesthetic front teeth corrections rapidly, easily and gently. The new product allows him to work much more efficiently as well as reach cost-sensitive target groups. Previously, a capable dentist either had to restore teeth by hand or rely on expensive ceramic veneers from dental laboratories. Dentists, however, are very cautious about such innovations and generally skeptical about promotional communication.


The challenging task: a fast, comprehensive, international launch

We thus had to quickly develop a communication strategy. In addition to positioning and naming, this included the preparation of basic advertising material as well as the development of an overall communication campaign for the product launch. The primary target group in the first launch phase was dentists and professionals; patients were to be targeted in a later step. It was important that the idea would work internationally. In addition to an international advertising campaign in professional and public titles, the agency developed comprehensive product equipment, information material for dentists, a website and content for social and earned media, special application videos as well as patient and practice materials. This was complemented by a website for dentists.

Spot landing with "Smile to go"

After analyses conducted throughout its worldwide network, the agency recommended positioning COMPONEER™ as an aesthetic cosmetic product. With "Smile to go – the perfect smile to just go", an internationally successful spot landing was achieved. The claim – combined with an oversized smile – clearly expressed the product benefits. With COMPONEER™, the patient gets a new, perfect smile in only one appointment.

Successful market introduction

The international launch of COMPONEER™ is one of the COLTENE Group's most successful launches. The competition was left in the dust; the product was established as the clear market leader and very well accepted by dentists. Sales targets were constantly revised upwards due to the outstanding demand. The product was first introduced in Europe, then in the United States and Asia. In the meantime, the campaign concept has been successfully introduced throughout the world and is popular everywhere.