Haake Beck

From beer for brick-layers to the "Kiss of the North"
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Haake Beck – from beer for masons to the kiss of the North

Do you remember your first kiss?

This memory immediately evokes strong emotions. At Wächter & Wächter, this is the goal for our brands. We put our entire creative energy into fulfilling these ends. More still: we think strategically and yet in an integrated 360° manner. We multiply strong advertising with strong networked measures and the factor success. We don't just tell you this. We show you. How would it be with a beer?


Won with a kiss: People and market leadership

For our first beer brewer (many such clients followed), we wondered how to retake brand leadership for Haake Beck in one of the toughest markets around. Answer: with a smile and foam around the mouth. Or in marketing terms: with a campaign that uses all integrated measures to focus on "people from here" and sensitively and perceptibly rejuvenates the brand without alienating core customers.

The positioning of Haake Beck: Nordic, fresh and so good that it can even kiss.

This is a great promise for a pilsner and results in a carefree, happy key visual: a love bite from foam on the upper lip. So much freshness has consequences. In Bremen and the environs – the classical Haake Beck area – people often order "a kiss" instead of "a beer".


Implementation 1: In TV, cinema commercials and posters, representing the beer like a kiss

You've probably experienced this: only split seconds decide whether more than a passing acquaintanceship will develop from a kiss. With Haake Beck, a real relationship develops.




Implementation 2: A different kind of face-to-face marketing

To be successful in the event area, one can do everything, but not just anything. For Haake Beck, we closed an airport, dammed the Weser River and set up an open-air cinema. All of this for those in the land of Haake Beck, some of whom had a chance to win a building site by making a point landing with a parachute jump.

Implementation 3: Media cooperation – one of the first cinema stars

We didn't just make a film, but staged a special campaign revolving around the core message of the campaign. Instead of cool models, we brought in "normal people" like your next-door neighbor. Via TV, posters, advertisements, radio and Internet, we looked for main characters. With overwhelming success. The result: a huge campaign and free PR on all channels.


Implementation 4: Diverse, intelligently connected POS measures

High-recognition POS appearances in retail stores, beverage markets and restaurants, which were closely tied to the campaign and events, got the regional brand out from under the shadow of its big sister, Becks.

Success, success, success: we kissed our way to the top

Such a refreshing campaign that the entire region now owns up to its love to the beer from here. A bundle of complementary, interlocking measures moved mountains in Northern Germany – with a comparatively low budget – stripped away the image of the mason's beer and brought Haake Beck back to the summit, to its traditional role as a leader.

For number fans:
  • 10% more willingness to tap the beer in less than 2 years.
  • 127% more consumers in the young target group of up to age 30



  • During the regatta on the Weser, 200 sports-mad participants from all over the world paddled up the river on their inflatable islands. The reward was the kiss of the North, a huge applause from over 25,000 spectators and PR as long as the Weser.
  • Night Skating on the tarmac of the Bremen Airport – also a huge success: 20,000 participants and enthusiastic reportages in the press.
  • Summer, stars under clear heavens, stars on the screen and a fresh kiss from the North. The open-air cinema tour that Haake Beck took throughout the region inspired over 1,000 movie-viewers and enthused them for the beer from here.
  • We designed our media partnerships to get more out of them than we put in. Over 3,500 people from Bremen and the surrounding region applied to appear in the movie star campaign, sending videos or coming personally. SAT.1 presented the three finalists on TV at no cost, and the audience voted for their favorite via Ted. If you want to become – or remain – the market leader, we should get acquainted. We'd love to give you tips on successful, creative integrated communication.