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Beauty is the best medicine

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Beauty is the best medicine. Emotional address overcomes emotional barriers.

Reservations, rejection, acceptance problems and lack of transparency

With its brand mediven, medi is among the leading national and international suppliers of compression stockings for treating many types of vein conditions. Mediven elegance is a product developed especially for women that unites medical performance and an aesthetic appearance. Unfortunately, this product category suffers from apprehension, prejudices and acceptance problems. Many think that they look old and sick with compression stockings. Additionally, patients in particular find that offers are not transparent; they have hardly any brand awareness, let alone any brand preference. In regard to recommending brands, doctors largely practice complete restraint. Medical dealers usually recommend their own products.


Image profiling and deactivating emotional barriers

We thus focused our campaign on female users of the product, with an accent on raising awareness, breaking down acceptance problems and building up brand preferences, as well as improving therapeutic compliance together with doctors. A willingness to recommend the brand as well as targeted brand demand were the objective with dealers.

Emotional address: Beauty is the best medicine.

We named and positioned mediven elegance as the optimal union of medical functionality and fashionable diversity or elegance in accordance with the motto: Beauty is the best medicine. This approach concentrates on joie de vivre and well-being. We speak to women differently – not primarily with medical functionality. The product is not only medically the best, it lets women look their best. When wearing them, one doesn't feel like a sick patient, but like a beautiful woman. By doing this, we skip the previously existing emotional barriers held by the target group.

Enthusiastic cross-channel and international media package

To reach female patients, we focused on ads and POS material. Doctors received information and were addressed with professional advertisements, just as were medical supply stores. Dealers were additionally furnished with promotional materials; a lively social media network on Facebook brought people together and increased customer loyalty.

The new brand was launched worldwide. Intercultural acceptance and understanding was therefore of great importance. Especially in foreign countries where users must largely pay for the product themselves, it was important to convince and inspire.


Ambitious objectives achieved

Our emotional, direct address of end-users transformed the brand into the psychological and qualitative market leader, both nationally and internationally. The campaign left clear tracks in its category. The brand clearly differentiated itself from the competition.

The campaign was immediately and positively accepted by all target groups. Within the shortest time since introduction of the campaign, sales increased considerably. The significant growth continues.



Dealers also accepted the product and used it extensively at POSs. mediven-elegance advert materials are prominently displayed in most medical supply stores and their shop windows and are praised for their high emotionality and pleasant quality, especially when compared to the sober, medical-rational advertising used by the competition. Some outright favorite motifs are repeatedly asked for. In many medical supply stores, competitors have practically been eliminated.



The successful relaunch of the mediven elegance brand led to the expansion of this end-consumer and emotionally oriented presence to all of mediven's brand portfolio and the breadth of its entire indication. In a first stage, the men's products mediven active and mediven for men followed, with a claim adapted to the target group of men. The transfer to other mediven brands is currently being implemented.