Brand building multiplies revenue
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From invisible market leader to a highly visible top brand

Situation: Stagnant market, aggressive competition

Messring is the global leader in crash test facilities for the automotive industry. Surprisingly, however, this hidden champion was virtually unknown as a brand. The market is nearly saturated and the aggressively priced competition was gaining ground.

Goal: From invisible company to self-confident brand

The communication goals were to give the Messring brand a personality that emits strength. The company's image had to be changed - away from that of solely a company that did the heavy lifting to one that guaranteed precision. The company had also to be introduced to new target groups. Messring's absolute market leadership in the field of crash test facilities had to be defended, but additional goals were also defined: the strengthening of sectors such as individual products, components, and measurement tools. At the same time, a new product category (LED lights) was planned and the entrance into new geographic markets and new business fields needed support.

Efficient brand building requires strategy

In collaboration with the client, the agency developed SWOT analyses, recommendations for brand introduction and suggestions for new business fields. Creative branding workshops helped define the core of the brand. A comprehensive international communication campaign multiplies the power of the brand idea in every individual discipline and with all target groups.

Inspiring brand mission, clear brand promise

Messring has helped make the automotive world safer since 1968. The company delivers this safety turnkey-ready. The innovative systems and facilities for highly precise measurement data set standards for an entire industry. This gives rise to the claim "Cutting edge safety testing. Since 1968."

Creative presentation of an abstract idea in all media

Safety is the core of the brand. But safety is invisible until it is tested with Messring's systems and facilities. The company's outstanding precision enables the highest degree of safety possible in mass production. The agency implemented the brand idea of invisible safety into all communication: Corporate Design, adverts, posters, literature, dialogue, PR and the company's website.


First priority: brand building

At first, the entire company had to be strengthened in order to make the world aware of its global leadership position and to create the corresponding brand preference. In the second year, this concept was successfully transformed into product communication campaigns.

Results: success in all respects – brand, image, awareness, sales

Messring became a brand that radiates self-confidence and global leadership. It now has reached the top tier of premium suppliers in the automotive industry. Its new communication, puts Messring at eye level with all leading automotive production companies. The image change has succeeded.

Messring is now viewed as a supplier of precision as well as a quality leader. An invisible hidden champion became a renowned global brand. Clients and prospects are enthusiastic. The specialist press supports Messring in acquiring the notice of automotive manufacturers and facility operators worldwide.


Since the launch of the new communication measures, Messring has won all crashtest facility tenders around the world, despite the higher prices due in part to the company's higher quality standards. The number of leads jumped immediately. In addition, the successful launch of the LED lamps allowed Messring to quickly make a name for itself in a completely new business field.

This explosive growth also brought about a need for much more personnel. A personnel marketing strategy and employer branding campaign – developed together with Messring – brought success in the already tight recruitment market for professionals and engineers.