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What is innovation in healthcare?

Heads of agencies from all over the world contribute their ideas on this topic. Almost all innovations cited worldwide have a digital orientation. However, they all have something else in common: the customer, whether doctor or patient, should always be in focus with his interests, needs and emotions.

Numbers or intuition?

Numbers and Big Data gain rapidly in importance. The dream of evidence-based advertising rules, that guarantee advertising effect seems to become reality. But intuition is needed more than ever. Read our article published in HealthcareMarketing.

Digitalisation in pharma

Why the change to digital communications means we need a different strategic approach. Read what Dominic Owens, Managing Director of our London based partner agency Seven Stones writes.

Healthcare Marketing Agenda

Worldwide Partners HC partners regularly exchange views on trends in Healthcare & Pharma Marketing and communication. See this summary of Global Expectations for the Near Future

Efficiency is good, effectivity is better

Global healthcare marketing often sets on the smallest common denominator and fast translation, but does this lead to success? Read about a model on how to save money and, at the same time, increase results.

Marketing is shaping the future

No progress without risk. No future without questionmark. Only those who accept this, will participate in shaping the future. Read about how to master the future of healthcare marketing and how to lead companies to success.