International Womens Day

This week was World Woman's Day. Last year, we introduced our new managing director of Wächter & Wächter PR & Event GmbH, Annika Keilhauer, and expressed the hope that we will be able to further expand our high female quota of executives and great female employees at the managing director level.

In the past 20 years we have offered many women the chance to reach the top with us. Unfortunately, we have also seen many women flinch at the last minute and bounce off the much-cited "glass ceiling" because they thought their life priorities were incompatible with management responsibilities. Male colleagues or applicants seemed to have less doubt about whether private responsibility for children, partners or family members in need of care had an impact on their professional career and vice versa. As long as women and men voluntarily choose a different work-life balance, the decision against the "traditionally unconditional" career is perfectly understandable. However, many apparently daunting scenarios can be managed by a really good manager in such a way that they never happen in the first place - teamwork, flexi work and common sense, thank God!

Annika has proven with her unit, managed with a steady hand, that family and career are compatible not only for her numerous mothers and fathers in the team, but also for her as Managing Director; and that she can still achieve great success for the company and above all for her clients. Team spirit and networking have been developed to counteract unnecessary psychological stress or misunderstood lone wolves. Since Annika took over the responsibility for the management, we have been able to nurture and cultivate this across all units. This genuine community success serves not only the management teams, but also all employees and customers and ultimately the entire company. After all, those who feel understood and well looked after as human beings in terms of their basic needs, as employees, also have their minds free for creative, unbound and lifelike ideas that our customers' customers pick up in their everyday lives.

In our digital unit, we can now welcome Cristina C., who will join our ranks as Managing Director on April 1, 2020, and who is determined to take full responsibility for this company. We are very much looking forward to the latest addition to our agency family!