Wächter & Wächter drives Triebwerk

Triebwerk München – commercialization of the new residential and industrial site with the support of the wächter group.

On the former main railway workshop of the Deutsche Bahn in Neuaubing, arise new industrial and residential areas with a unique ambience in 3 huge and partly monument protected halls and the neighboring ground.
Aurelis develops such areas in cooperation with the municipality and lets or sells the finished projects.
Wächter & Wächter won the pitch for the commercialization campaign and proves once more their broad expertise for real estate projects.
While talk of town Wächter & Wächter takes care of the PR, Wächter & Wächter Advertising will develop campaigns with print and posters in the future. Literature and web measures are planned as well as events, organized by the sister agencies Wächter & Wächter Interactive and big moments Wächter & Wächter.