Wächter & WPI: New Global Pharmaceutical Budget

The difference between the lead concept of the multinationals and the brain-trust concept of the privately owned and operated network.

Under the leadership of Juice Global Network, the New York Pharma/Healthcare partner agency of Wächter & Wächter in the Worldwide Partners Network, the agency won BMS for its product Orencia. Together with Juice and Partners, Wächter & Wächter developed a new campaign in France and Japan that will be used throughout the world; the agency will also handle all on- and offline materials for Germany.

The privately owned and operated agency has demonstrated the strength of this unique type of alliance in many previous projects. Insights, research and creative crowdsourcing within the network are commonplace. Joint development of a campaign to identify the most effective messages and actions for the entire world were thus harmoniously concluded and provided the customer with creative and unusual top ideas from all markets. Of these, the best were unanimously selected under the proviso that they must optimally work in the various countries. Because representatives from national agencies as well as customers from the different countries were involved in the process, the final decisions were accepted. The resulting global communications campaign – adapted to local circumstances, legal requirements and language, of course – will produce synergies that support the brand as a whole. Working in this manner is certainly more economical than developing local campaigns for each country, as was previously done.

Worldwide Partners, Inc. (WPI) is the largest global network of privately owned and operated agencies. WPI belongs to the agencies, not the other way round – as is the case with multinational agency holdings. It is not governed by bureaucracy, central authority or the interests of international finance. For many years, both Wächter & Wächter as well as Juice have been WPI shareholders. They have co-operated many times and built up a wealth of experience.