Wächter & Iveco serve heroes

Iveco Magirus: communicating to firefighters – serving heroes since 1864

Firefighters are servants to the society and heroes. But often this is not acknowledged sufficiently. IVECO MAGIRUS, the leading supplier of firefighter trucks and equipment wanted to offer firefighters support and the recognition they deserve, as expressed in the new claim: IVECO MAGIRUS. Serving Heroes. Since 1864.

In order that it does not only remain an advertising claim, Wächter & Wächter & Worldwide Partners and its Partner INADV in Italy developed the idea and concept of a community platform where stories are posted, daily problems are discussed and a growing expert knowledge database helps better serve firefighters. One of the key means in this concept is the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award, that honors the best firefighter stories from all over the world. Wächter & Wächter has designed the site, launched successfull PR, organized the jury and online voting and the final celebration party, which took part in Ulm these days. All advertising was redesigned to better express the Iveco Magirus commitment and to underline the repositioning of IVECO MAGIRUS from a supplier of technical material to a corporation that serves heroes.