WPI 75 years of shaping the future

Denver, Colorado USA – The world’s largest independent, owner-operated agency network is celebrating its 75th year in business. Worldwide Partners was founded in 1938 as the American Advertising Network among five partner agencies in the Western United States as a means for owner-operated agencies to share best practices, business intelligence and joint clients. Founding partner Mithoff Burton in El Paso, Texas, (then Mithoff & White) is still an active part of the network. The 75th Anniversary and inaugural Hall of Fame was recently celebrated at the network’s World Meeting, May 4-8, in Zurich, Switzerland.

Since its formation in 1938, Worldwide Partners has grown to include 90 partner agencies in 51 countries with $3.4 billion in billings to become the world’s largest network of independent agencies as well as the 9th largest full-service agency network, public or private. The first international agency came on board in 1951in Canada, the network changed its name to Affiliated Advertising Agencies International, Inc. (3AI) in 1990 and ultimately became Worldwide Partners, Inc., in 1996 to signify the network’s global presence.

Worldwide Partners has established many firsts along the way. For instance, the network was the first agency network of any kind to hold a marketing summit in China in 2006 to help educate Chinese business leaders on how to expand internationally and to help companies outside China market in China. "Worldwide Partners is a unique collaboration among the best independent agencies in the world. Our clients benefit from best-in-class capabilities and unmatched local insight and understanding. The entrepreneurial orientation of our partners creates diversity of thinking around the very newest ideas to help our clients communicate. If it's happening in our industry, a partner agency is likely to be in on the ground floor," states network Chairman, Jamie Rice of Carton Donofrio, Baltimore, Maryland.

Additionally, over just the past five years alone, Worldwide Partners has help generate over $150 million in income for its agency partners in joint, international business. Says Worldwide Partners President/CEO Al Moffatt, “We dedicate ourselves to helping independent agencies grow their agencies organically and through new business. We simply give independent, owner-operated agencies more horsepower, outreach and resources. That’s why we’ve been around for 75 years and why we’re looking forward to a bright future by helping owner-operated agencies stay one step ahead in order to help them lead their clients.”

The partner agencies own Worldwide Partners as equal shareholders, which makes the network unique in the world of marketing and advertising.

Worldwide Partners has established a 75th Anniversary web presence to showcase historical creative, the Hall of Fame, predictions that could affect the ad business in the next 75 years and memorabilia: www.worldwidepartners.com/75/home