WPI b2b: website for the global network

We are part of Worldwide Partners, which is the world's largest network of owner-operated, independent agencies. Together with Godfrey, Mintz & Hoke and Winsper, 3 leading US B2B agencies, we developed and launched last year the Worldwide Partners B2B Network in recognition of the growing need for innovative and sophisticated B2B marketing. High time for a website that shows our expanded capabilities as it relates to regional and international B2B marketing for the present and future. Therefore we are pleased to announce:


The Worldwide Partners B2B Network has over 30 partner agencies in over 20 countries with expertise in over 50 branches of industriy. We are not only the largest B2B network, but also one of the most experienced, as many of us have already collaborated within Worldwide Partners. So whether you want to enter new markets, strengthen existing ones, or both, we can customize just the right B2B solution for you by combining geographical advantages, expertise and a full range of communication disciplines and sales tools, thus helping you reaching your goals quickly, efficiently and intelligently.