Personal Views

New Normal in der PR?

"Fly the d*** plane first," is often said at the front of the cockpit during a crisis. But you should still let your team know which way leads to the new normal. And it's also best to inform your business partners promptly about your current offer.

New Work instead of Homeoffice

Entrepreneur Ingrid Wächter-Lauppe reflects on her experiences (already made in the last century) with New Work and mobile working. What is her opinion today? Enthusiastic about New Work ( despite considerable efforts), but thoroughly critical of home office (despite growing popularity). Read why and what solutions she proposes.

Digitization for SME

Is digitization also gaining momentum among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)? What can SMEs do to make faster progress? In this discussion, three of our brand guards develop some ideas about what can be done by whom and how.

Digitization for SME


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